We provide full-service, customized solutions to help manage all transcription and dictation needs.
Transcription Solutions : Skilled transcriptionists specializing in all aspects of acute care, radiology and behavioral health transcription, delivering verifiable quality and guaranteed turnaround time.
Dictation Solutions :TeletrakMT provides customized prompts and toll-free number to health care providers for guaranteed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service.
Technological Solutions : We provide innovative IT solutions that allow any hospital to enhance its medical records information management processes.
TeletrakMT in collaboration with The Shams Group (TSG) offers full-service medical transcription solutions.
Nationwide network of experienced Medical Transcribers who are proficient in all medical specialties, including Behavorial Health and Psychiatry.
Guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week timely, professional, and accurate transcription.
Customized formatting. All documents are formatted in Microsoft Word.
Option for billing companies to receive a copy of your documents.
Cost effective solutions of management for partial or full transcription outsourcing workflow process.
Transcriptionists staff with 20+ years of transcribing experience in different HIS environments and hospitals, including Mental Health facilities.
Quality Assurance Specialists – team approach to dynamically monitor and enhance the quality and accuracy of transcription: Transcriptionists, Editors, QA Staff, System Administrator.
Transcription staff is regularly trained on HIPAA’s security and confidentiality expectations.
Transcription staff is also trained on new medical terminology by physicians on an ongoing basis.
Transcription Software : Etranscriptor
Etranscriptor is a web-enabled application with web-based portal designed to manage workflow processes from any location.
Designed to customize for current and future transcription needs.
User friendly transcription platform to enhance productivity and cost efficiencies.
Verifiable authentication and audit-trail for changes/edits and access to data.
Role-based user authentication for access to data and monitoring for HIPAA Compliance.
24/7/365 coverage and personalized client support.
Dictation Software : EzDictation
Ezdictation system is designed by physicians for physicians to address today’s expectations for enhanced quality of care.
EzDictation offers optimal dictation solutions to health care providers with individualized prompts.
Doctors dictate by dialing an 800-number OR they can record on a digital voice recorder and upload to the secure location hosted by TeletrakMT servers.
Each dictation is assigned a unique identifier for tracking report status.
Enables providers to quickly identify and resolve dictation workflow issues.
Dictation workflow is accessible 24/7 including support via web.
Technological Solutions :
Expertise in providing integration and technological customization for all aspects of transcription and dictation requirements to support any medical records information technology platform.
Healthcare providers and transcriptionists are able to access transcription and dictation platform via Web Portal.
Complete integration with our transcription software.
Ability to listen to voice dictation.
Communicate with transcriptionists regarding workflow processes.
Modify job status, parameters, and workflow steps.
Ability to access pending dictations and view the status of the workflow process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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