TeletrakMT in-house and remote transcriptionists have an average of five years or more of medical transcription experience. They are hired only after proof of at least five years of transcription experience as well as passing a variety of transcription report tests. In-house offers competitive hourly wages and an excellent benefit package. TeletrakMT has a friendly working environment. Our on-site senior transcriptionists have an average of 20+ years experience in the medical field and are always available to provide continuous education and guidance.
TeletrakMT offers our Independent Contractors competitive rates per line based on 65 characters with spaces, which is one of the highest in the business! Independent Contractors are reimbursed for services bimonthly.
Independent Contractors must have Windows XP and Microsoft Word in order for our software to be supported on their system. Once a connectivity check is completed and required testing is done, our support team contacts you to set up our programs on your computer. TeletrakMT support team is available to our independent contractors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We are constantly accepting resumes for our expanding company and would encourage anyone interested in joining our team to APPLY NOW!
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